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These are some of the activities that Guilbert Associates will fulfill during the process of setting up your department.


  • Program Applications
    What will the new department do? Direct sales? Customer service? Support for outside reps? Market research? Customer satisfaction surveys? Upselling, cross selling? Trade show traffic building or? A telemarketing business plan is key to concrete planning. Applications must be sourced to determine their impact of all of the functions of the business. How will the department affect inventory, shipping, purchasing, forecasting, etc.?

  • Goals, Objectives & Strategies
    Each application requires goals, objectives, and strategies in order to have a profitable game plan. The mathematics of telemarketing must be taken into consideration. All departments should be involved in this stage of development.

  • Development of Revenue to Expense Projections
    These projections are necessary for sound capital investments critical to the establishment of a professional unit. Telemarketing can be extremely profitable and should be viewed as a separate profit center. Telemarketing is NOT a quick fix for flagging sales. Investment in this marketing tool must be considered on a par with the sales investment for outside sales.

  • Database Assistance & Formulation
    Who are your prospects and how are they segmented and prioritized? We will bring to the table over 75 combined years of telemarketing knowledge and expertise for you to exploit. We will assist in developing plans for base maintenance, growth maintenance, and new customers.

  • Script Development
    Scripts and/or script outlines are critical in order to meet objectives. We will develop all the scripting necessary to be used with the initial applications. We will then teach your management staff how to create winning scripts. Scripts are a vital component of telephone marketing. Scripts are not to be read in "rote" fashion, but must be internalized by the staff member and delivered with sincerity and in their own phraseology.

  • Human Resource Management
    THE TELEMARKETING ORGANIZATION: An organizational chart will be developed for your specific needs. This chart will be useful as the department grows.

    JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Job descriptions will be developed for a large department so that you have staffing plans in place as your department grows.

    RECRUITMENT: We will telephone interview candidates for the new department. Those candidates that meet our criteria will then be passed on to you for further interviews.

  • Controlling The Operation
    MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly policies and procedures will be developed with your management. Management training and coaching will be provided through the term of our commitment.

  • Reports
    Tracking and reporting systems will be taught and implemented with the approval of management.

  • Motivation
    Being on the phone day after day is a unique challenge even for the most seasoned staff. Motivational incentives and programs must also be unique to fit your specific needs. We will work closely with your team to lay out short and long-range programs.

  • Compensation
    The name of the game is money! We will assist you in developing a compensation plan that takes into consideration other employees, wages being earned by telemarketers in your community, and other considerations so that you will not have the typical turnover problems.

  • The Physical Plant
    ROOM CONFIGURATION We will prepare floor plans for your new department whether you begin with two stations or 200. Depending on your budget, we will assist in furnishings, lighting, workstations, etc.

  • Telecommunications
    Telephone needs - Guilbert Associates has a trained team of telephony folks who will assist you in decisions as to whether or not your telephone equipment will be sufficient to meet the needs of the new department. We will work with your telephone equipment supplier and your local telco.

  • Computer/Telephony Integration
    We will work with you to enable integration, if possible, of your computers and your telephone system. We will analyze your computer system to make sure that you have the capacity to meet the needs of the business plan.

  • Long Distance Usage Analysis
    We will analyze your current toll expenditures and the impact that increased telephone volume will have using your current carrier. We may recommend requesting proposals from competitors if you wish.

  • The World Wide Web (WWW)
    The Web is here to stay and telemarketing on the Web is growing fast. We will work with you to take advantage of this new marketing vehicle and how it interacts with the objectives developed for the new department. We can design an interactive website for you that will integrate telemarketing and the World Wide Web.

Following the implementation of the physical plant and staffing, training is a critical component.

Click here to view Telemarketing Training Programs.

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